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Wildlife Collision Prevention Program

Wildlife Collision Prevention Program

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We’re partnering with Echo Eco Foundation to install 25 roadkill warning signs on various highways connecting different cities to Nashik, Maharashtra. 

The team collected and interpreted data on collision locations for the last 3 years and finalized the key spots where maximum road kills happen. Most of the points are located near the green corridor. A green corridor is designed to keep animals out of danger of areas where their traditional migratory patterns intersect with potentially dangerous manmade places. It allows these animals to pass over or under manmade obstacles to keep them safe.

Because human travel corridors and animal travel routes frequently occur along the same lines, some animals wander and come close to roads and get killed by high-speed cars. Currently, there are no warning signs to warn drivers. 

Why the sign?

A Wildlife Warning Sign is a yellow diamond-shaped sign. These signs would be located in areas of frequent wildlife use or high collision risk locations.  The sign warns of a hazard ahead and advises drivers to be cautious. After noticing the sign, there are very high chances that drivers would obey wildlife warning signs and any associated speed changes, thus reducing the likelihood of a mishap. The sign will last on our busy highways for at least the next 10 years.

The intention of this Program is to make Maharashtra’s highways safer for both people and wildlife. 

And we cannot do this without your help, the cost of designing and installing one warning sign is around 6000 INR i.e. 110 CAD.