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count of how many animals helped so far 

We partnered with welfare groups- “Animal Shelter Siliguri” and “Saromeyo” to protect, rescue and care for animals in Orissa when cyclone Fani struck India’s east coast. We provided 40 kgs dry dog food, 2.4 kgs wet dog food and monetary support to these shelters.

animal rescue group ready to board train dry and wet dog food for donation feeding animals suffering after a natural disaster.

We collaborated with “Animals Come First, Bhubaneshwar” who conducted spay-neuter program in Puri, Orissa, to provide them food for the animals staying for the surgery. This program successfully sterilized 352 dogs (222 males and 130 females).

 ambulance ready to take stray dogs for spay neuter stray dogs being taken to hospital for spay neuter in an ambulance van. spay neuter surgery being done on a stray animal

We're working with Dr Vandana Kaul in providing food, water, and emergency medical care to injured stray animals, and conduct vaccinations and spay/neuter programs in and around Dwarka, Delhi. 

providing food and water to stray animals daily  

Winters in Northern India can be cruel, it is hard not to think about how difficult it is for stray animals who have no way to escape the cold when winter rears its ugly head. Every winter, to keep them warm, we buy warm clothing and construct small huts (jhuggies) for old dogs and small puppies. 

stray dog wearing new dog coat to keep him warm new dog coats to be donated to rescue groups sick dog wearing new dog coat

We provide food and medical care, conduct vaccinations, spay-neuter, and rescue injured stray animals in Kharar, Punjab. 

 stray animal wounded stray puppies drinking milk

We partnered with welfare groups- “A1-Animal Comes First” and “Saromeyo” to provide food for those in need, person or animal, when super cyclone Amphan struck India’s east coast. 


In 2020, we ventured into helping wild animals and partnered with Echo Echo Foundation and did snake rescues and rehabilitation in Nashik, Maharashtra.


Under our partnership with Eco Echo Foundation, we set up warning signs on busy roads and highways where animal-human collisions happen and animals get killed by high-speed cars. So far, we've sponsored 6 signs and continue to raise money for more.


We provided 175 reflective collars to the stray animals because most of the cases we treat are due to car accidents. Reflective collars can pick up car headlights and other sources of light that can allow people to see stray animals and avoid a deadly accident. 


We partnered with Saromeyo Group and did endless hours of relief work to help those affected by Cyclone Yaas. We provided medical aid and food to stray animals and people in Digha city of West Bengal which was severely hit by the cyclone.


We're doing COVID-Relief Feeding drives since lockdown has started in India in 2020. We've provided meals to hundreds of stray animals, big or small, who are suffering from starvation due to lockdown rules.


We've partnered with a local group, lead by a student Srishti, in Allahabad to care for the stray cows and bulls. We provide them with daily food and treat sick or injured cows. 


We participate in various outreach events organized by various animal welfare groups to spread awareness about animal abuse happening in food, entertainment, fashion industries, among people.

 protest against fur in fashion  woman participating in anonymous for voiceless protest woman displaying banner protesting against speciesism

We raised our voice against government projects- Anjaneri forests deforestation, Thano forests deforestation, Vedanthangal bird sanctuary commercial use, EIA Draft 2020, Dibang Valley deforestation, which had detrimental effects on nature and animals.


When forest fires engulfed Manitoba, given the number of animals needing to be rescued, the nonprofits working on ground level needed food, water to feed the rescued animals. We sent nine bags of dry food and sixty cans of wet food to 'Feed the Fur babies' nonprofit to support their relief efforts.


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Your consistent monthly donations give us steady financial support, which allows us to give life-saving care to the animals in need. 
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