About Us

Our Founder Ashma Bhola started a small group 'ABFeedAStray' in April 2017 to take care of stray animals in her locality. ABFeedAStray provided stray animals with food, emergency medical care, vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries. But by the end of 2019, our Founder felt that it wasn’t enough. She wanted to help animals beyond her community so she decided to rename it as 'AnimalShield' to include all animal and bird species.

AnimalShield is a nonprofit registered in Canada. We're 100% volunteer-run that means not even $1 goes to us for any of the work we do. Our mission is to shield animals from suffering across the world. We want to build a world where people respect and value animals, act compassionately towards them and live harmoniously side by side.

Our Objectives-

Shield animals in Communities- It is not about animals. It is about all of us. If stray animals are neglected then it impacts the surroundings and the public health. We support individuals and animal welfare groups that help animals by providing them food and water, timely medical aid to sick and needy animals, vaccinate and conduct spay/neuter programs to control their population, and fund emergency cases. 

Shield animals in Disasters- When hurricanes, floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes strike a landscape, it not only impacts humans but animals also suffer. Most of the times, animals are a source of livelihood for people living in remote areas of affected zones. Since animals are less noticed during the aftermath, they starve or suffer from injury or disease and die. We work together with relief groups to protect, rescue and care for animals when a disaster hits.

Shield animals in the wild- As human populations expand and natural habitats shrink, wild animals get caught in human-animal conflicts and road accidents. We partner with Eco Echo Foundation to do wildlife rescue and conduct programs to ensure wildlife protection. We raise our voice against any developmental project which is planned keeping wildlife at great risk, and educate people about climate change. 

Spread awareness about animal abuse happening in entertainment, sports, food, testing, fashion, puppy mills industries- The consumer demand for animals' related entertainment experiences, exotic pets, trophies or luxury products made from animals, is growing rapidly. This demand is often motivated by a love for animals and lack of awareness of their suffering, but when people know about the cruelty involved they change their behaviors. Our choices define the lives of millions out there. We educate people about their plight and encourage them to choose wisely and responsibly.