Veganuary 2023: We Challenge You!

In many cultures, it is tradition to ring in the new year with an opportunity to grow and spark positive change by making a New Year’s resolution. Maybe you have decided to get back into the gym, or you have sworn to cut out fast food from your diet. Many of us intend to start the new year as healthy as possible- making conscious food decisions and consuming fewer animal products are thoughts in the minds of many. A UK non-profit organization by the name of Veganuary takes New Year’s resolutions to the next level by bringing people, brands, restaurants, and supermarkets together to reach the ultimate goal of encouraging a plant-based diet. The world-famous Veganuary challenge kicked off yesterday, and the organization has revealed that roughly one person is signing up every 2.4 seconds for January 2023! Veganuary is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of veganism, and we challenge you to try following a plant-based diet for January.

There are three main reasons that people want to try veganism. The first is perhaps the most obvious- to protect the welfare of the animals. By reducing the demand for animal-based products, fewer animals will be bred to suffer and die on farms and in slaughterhouses. The second most common reason that people choose to go vegan is to reduce our impact on the planet. As more information emerges about the impact of meat on the environment, people are often choosing to leave it off their plates altogether. The third most common reason people try the plant-based diet is to improve their health. There are endless benefits to the vegan diet, including lowered cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and decreased risk of type 2 diabetes! While you may be prompted to try veganism for one or two of these reasons, people often end up staying vegan for all of them.

If you don’t have a clue where to start, here are some tips for Veganuary 2023:
1. Find a Veganuary buddy. Doing anything alone is always harder, so why not partner up and take on the challenge together?
2. Find your reason. Do you want to try becoming vegan for your health? Or because you want to make a difference in the lives of animals and January is the perfect fresh start? Once you have your reason, remind yourself of it any time you feel like motivation is low.
3. Veganize your favorite dishes! There is no need to adopt a whole new cooking regime when you can veganize the foods you already know and love!
4. Stay inspired. There are countless vegan blogs, websites, podcasts, social media handles, and recipe books that can help you when you feel stuck.
5. Be kind to yourself. Everyone makes mistakes when first going vegan. If you accidentally slip up, don’t worry about it, and move on! Veganism is about doing the best you can and mistakes are part of the journey.

Veganuary inspires and supports people from across the world to try veganism for January and beyond. Millions have already decided to take part in 2023, will you join them?

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