Run Run.. Humans Everywhere !!

Parks are for "us" to Walk !!
Roads are for "us" to Roam !!
Farms are for "us" to grow our food !!
Forests are for "us" to experience the Wild !!
Oceans are for "us" to explore the depths !!
Mountains are for "us" to test our limits !!
Indeed, Mother Nature is doing everything for "Us" !! And, Us stands for-> Humans. Only Humans. Other living creatures were created by mistake. God was trying to create Perfection. All his "Failed" attempts resulted in other creatures and finally, he achieved perfection and created a Masterpiece- HUMAN.
This is what I believe Humans believe, else there can't be any other reason for Humans to act so selfish and mean towards all other living beings on this planet. Compassion is a word of the past. News keeps broadcasting- Governments killing strays because they are roaming everywhere. But, Kindly explain- What is a stray? No need to check the dictionary. In layman's language-A stray animal is the one who has no home to live. Undoubtedly, stray animals' population is increasing alarmingly. Hence, we are afraid for our safety, hygiene, etc. But what is the solution to this problem? Numerous. I don't doubt the capacity of Humans to apply all the solutions, no matter how cruel or inhumane it maybe, just to get rid of strays. But what is the cause of this problem? Cause. hmmm. Never thought so.
Simple- YOU- A HUMAN. You have occupied every place in this world.. Where You expect birds and animals to go?? They Can't live on roads, You drive every day. Can't live in parks, You go for a walk every day. Can't live on empty land, You are building houses every day. Can't even go far from an urban area to rural land, You are growing food every day. Can't go to forests, You are going for a family trip every day. Can't go to big mountains, You are going on adventurous hikes every day. Can't even go to Antarctica, You are on expeditions every day. THE PROBLEM IS YOU ARE EVERYWHERE. It's not They who have to go. It's you who have to understand that you are just a part of this ecosystem and the human race has to live as a supporting element, not as the dominating one. It's you who have to leave their territory. It's you who have to control your population so that other populations do not extinct. It's You- A Human, who needs to remember a long lost term- Compassion. You are not in trouble. They are !! Because You are robbing them of their land, water, freedom, moreover, expect them to vanish away. You should be thankful that birds, animals don't speak else you would have been in shock to hear how greedy and vicious you have become.
I believe we can always come back from the brink if we know we are on the brink. Yes, we have risked Our Planet by destroying the natural ecosystem to satiate our hunger for wanting everything everywhere. Damage done is done. But its never too late to start a new beginning. Learn to live a simple life and rather than making it luxurious, make it larger than life by helping other living beings who are sufferers today because of our neglect. The only difference between others and us is- Others were created to serve themselves and  Humans were created to serve himself as well as others. UNDERSTAND YOUR WORTH WHICH IS MUCH BIGGER THAN MONEY AND LUXURY.


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