Innocence lost in Magnificence...

Recently I came across sensational news that Sweden's Legendary Ice Hotel has been opened. It created a lot of stir in media and attracted a lot of attention from the public. I was mesmerized while reading the details- Church, bar, works of art, ice sculptures, unless, I came across one of the specifications that stated-Reindeer's skin is used to cover ice-beds to provide warmth.
Suddenly sparkle from my eyes vanished and I kept thinking about it.
It is a well-known fact that reindeer can survive extremely cold conditions because of their fur. God gave such skin to them for survival, and what an irony !! Their own skin becomes the reason for their death. They are killed for their fur so that it can be used to keep humans warm.
Sometimes, I feel is this truly 21st century. Undoubtedly, there is a huge difference between the stone age and modern age, Yet, We perform innumerable acts that are not required in today's time, still we doing. This makes me think what is the point of modernization if we have to risk our compassion, humanity at stake.
Another example- In China, people eat anything, literally anything to fill their tummies- cockroaches, lizards, cows, dogs. And this is disgusting and inhumane. What is the point of being one of the World's largest power if you don't think once before putting things in your holy body? A person living in a stone age eats all this- understood, they had no modern means and understanding to cook food. They used to live in dense forests and eat any kind of veg and non-veg- whatever they used to get !! but a modern man-eating all this- insane !! No explanation can justify such foolishness or barbaric behavior, whatever you wish to call it.
Summing up, Modern times have raised our luxury level but reduced our tolerance level. We have become ignorant about our ways of living, ways of earning money and ways of eating.  We have sacrificed the innocence of numerous living beings to satisfy our thirst for magnificence. It's high time to sit back and think- Is all this worth it !!

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