Ghastly Seat Hunt

Recently I came to know about the Largest Seal Hunt in the World, which happens from November to May every year in the British Columbia Province of Canada. Tens of thousands of seals are crushed using hakapiks- hooked clubs with piercing metal tips, or shot to death, the skin was torn off and their bodies thrown onto piles to rot on ice without any fault of theirs.

I started exploring this topic in detail and acquired that this atrocious activity is lawful in spite of numerous instances of public outrage against it, which lead to a few regulations being enforced by the Government. Also, I learned how the establishment believes it to be necessary for a few businesses to flourish, though the seal industry is facing loss from the past few years because of poor sales of seal meat and products.

I saw the photos and videos of last year's hunt and I've to say that it was horrendous.

How can administration fund something so cruel and term it 'legal'? The government also puts emphasis on the point that it is imperative keeping in mind the seal population which is around 7 million. It makes me ponder When did Humans become worrisome about balancing the ecosystem. I believe God has created all living beings and He knows how to maintain an equilibrium, its when we interfere in His work that we unleash tough times upon us and create a disturbance in Nature.

Climate change is already showing its negative impact on sea life. Canada is a country committed to fighting it and has strict laws for wildlife conservation then how can management support tournaments like cougar hunting and seal hunt? We do not realize the impact of our actions until huge damage has been done and it don't happen overnight, it is a combination of everyday small blunders done by everyone, such as failing to understand the magnitude of a problem and killing animals for their skin, fur, organs, that lead to a crisis.

I recently read another devastating news that the last male Northern White Rhino on this planet is very sick and apart from him, only two female Northern White Rhinos are left on this world, which implies they're nearly extinct. Obviously, three was never the total count of these species, it must have been in millions but human neglect and greed have shown this day to humanity. Sadly, Our future generations will never be able to see these beautiful creatures.

Coming back to my point, I believe just because something has been happening for so many years, it doesn't mean that it should continue to occur that way. It is never too late for change and when efforts are made towards a noble cause of eradicating pain of other beings then consequences can never be depressing. The government must think- Is it really obligatory to support and promote such Hunts?

I can only write and express my feelings towards something I feel is unethical and hope every individual understands Barry Commoner's lines- "The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else."


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