Emergency Pet Checklist


Have you ever thought about how would you keep your pet safe if a natural disaster or pandemic strikes? Just as you do with your family’s emergency survival kit and disaster preparedness plan, it is important to need one for your pet.

The first and foremost thing is to microchip your pet or add an ID disc to the collar stating its name, owner name, phone number, and address. If the pet is lost, this will help in finding them.

Your emergency survival kit would include items such as-

  1. At least two weeks’ worth of food and water
  2. Medicines, basic first aid kit along with copies of medical history and vaccination records
  3. Veterinarian name and contact number
  4. Blanket or bedding
  5. Poop bags, paper towels, gloves, plastic bags for sanitation
  6. Latest photograph of your pet
  7. A few toys to relieve stress
  8. Pet lifejacket and paw protectors
  9. Equipment such as cage/carrier, leash, collar, and harness.
  10. Online backup such as microchip details
  11. A list of emergency contact names and phone numbers of the people who would tend to the pet in case of an adversity and you can’t reunite with the pet.

Always plan and discuss with a family member or a friend living nearby who would choose to go and check on the pet in case of a mishap and you can’t return home. The emergency caregiver and the primary members of your family should know where the emergency kit is placed so they can attend to the pet while you’re away.

Also, in case of an evacuation, most safe houses do not allow pets, so ensure you make a list of pet-friendly shelters (not too far from home) where you can drop him. Ensure the pet shelter is informed in advance via call when you plan to drop your pet if you might have to evacuate from home.

It is advised to use water-proof airtight containers while storing items in the kit. Once you have everything ready, make sure you keep the contents up to date, especially the emergency contacts and vaccination records.

By preparing for the worst, you can better ensure you and your pets stay together, no matter what happens.

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