Climate Change - Its no hoax !!

I have developed a habit of watering plants in my house daily, morning and evening. One of my neighborhood families doesn't live here. They reside in Mohali. Considering the summer's scorching heat, I also make sure to water plants planted in their garden area as well. Two days ago, when I returned from the office, I saw a tree cut down from their garden area. I felt distressed and enquired my mom who cut it. She told neighbors came and they thought it's making their garden area messy so they cut it, in short, killed it. I felt so sad. It was a beautiful small tree basking in the glory of its flowers and fruits. Its sad people are unable to see nature's beauty. People don't think about the adverse effects of cutting even one tree at a time. 
This made me realize There is no end to man's greed and this has had its toll on Mother Nature. No sooner or later, the adverse effects of manipulating the biosphere will grip mankind. In fact, the countdown has already begun. The glaciers melting, sea levels rising, earth's temperature increasing and extreme weather events- forest fires, droughts, cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes happening so frequently. All these are signs of Climatic Change !! A reason why I choose to write on this topic is that environmental protection and conservation is very close to my heart. Climate change- this term is not just for thesis, holly wood movies, but, a fact !! It is happening every moment, every second.
Scientists claim even drift of 1 or 2 degrees temperature will risk life on our globe. Unfortunately, people defend it by saying what effect can few degrees have on a large planet like earth. Well, a difference of 1 or 2 degrees is considered as water is solid at 0 degrees and liquid at 1 degree. There are fluctuations in climatic conditions, every individual can feel it, yet we refuse to accept the responsibility or act upon it. We believe it to be a hoax or some political agenda or psychic madness of scientists.
There are a few who acknowledge this critical situation and are willing to work towards it, but assuming what difference can one person bring across the world, do not stand for the cause. If a single person starts saving water and electricity, planting trees, boycott usage of plastic in any form, reduce air pollution by using fewer vehicles, perform recycling; multiply these efforts with lakhs who are doing the same and you'll be surprised how many benefits you have made to your coming generations.
The facts are distressing, so let's not go into the details. Let's be proactive in implementing solutions for it because the human race has never been under threat the way it is today, Besides, other creatures are paying a price of our selfishness by losing their natural habitat. We are at the brink of an edge but can come back from it safely, only if, we realize that we are at the brink.

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