A Second Earth

The breathtaking discovery by NASA where a new solar system comprising of seven planets with the potential to host life has been doing around the corners since yesterday. The media is celebrating that maybe in the future we can expect to live in three of these planets which are in the habitual zone. I'm also appreciative of the efforts being done by every person who's worked consistently and sincerely in this area of science because it requires firm determination and tremendous patience to work in such a profession.
However, I believe one should comprehend the biggest factor that drives our existence, undoubtedly it is air, water, land but also our attitude towards these conditions.
It is a well known and proven fact now that climate changes, global warming, extreme weather events, extinction of various organisms, an increasing number of endangered species list- all these are repercussions of our ignorance towards planet Earth. The way we are misusing natural resources for our own selfish means has brought the world at great risk for survival. Unfortunately, the lavish lifestyle has gripped mankind. For instance- so many fashionable items are made from animal skin. Animals are tested upon, tortured for cosmetics. Numerous factories have been set up to provide various means of living that are harming the environment in the worst possible manner. What more, the extravagant furniture is made from woods that come from trees that provide oxygen. If trees vanish, life vanishes, still we are running the race to get the most expensive and best materials for our homes. One should build or renovate their personal space but one must ensure it is done following three Rs- Reduce Reuse, Recycle and not blindly buy things not required and copy others. I hope many of us watched the "Captain Planet" cartoon in our childhood and really wish we learned something from it. We have to acknowledge this sad reality that every luxurious item we buy has been developed at the cost of mother nature which has its impact on entire ecology. We are all spiritual energies interconnected through a powerful and magical bond, if habitat of any species is lost, the whole ecosystem will be impacted which would wipe away existence from our globe.
Until we sit back and realize our "greed for more" that is destroying the Earth, unless we don't understand it and work towards improving the whole situation by making individual efforts, even if we search hundred more celestial objects promising life and start residing there, we'll still commit the same mistake and bring hell wherever we go.



I personally believe rather than considering other planets our home, It's better to make our own planet a better home to live in, not for humans but for every living entity.



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